Blue Collar Kennel - Champion Breed Bully's | FAQ
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Can pups be shipped or delivered?
Yes pups can be delivered is US customer must cover gas cost $300-$500 depending on how many miles we will have to travel.

Do you sell any pups cheaper than listed on your website?
Lowest price for pet pup is $1000 (only certain pups qualify for this price)with customer agreeing to get pup spayed or neutered by signing contract

Why are the prices so high?
To set a standard for premium quality. I don’t want everyone with my bloodline and don’t want it watered down so you have to pay for top quality. The time and energy it takes to breed healthy quality pups can’t really put a price tag on it. They are like a extension of my own kids. And I make sure all our pups are placed in safe loving environments!

What bloodline are your dogs?
Royal family, Gotti, razors edge, Rbg look at our pedigrees on our website(web address)

Do pups get ear crops?
Ears get cropped upon customer request and additional deposit must be paid before cropping will occur(pups must have ears cropped before they weight over 25lbs or the ears won’t be cropped.

Do your pups have paperwork?
Yes all pups come with UKC paperwork 6 week shots and dewormer and all are purple Ribbon Pedigree dogs